Connect with Others

We all want to feel connected. Check out these ideas for different ways to connect with others around you.

Start a New Hobby

Learning something new is a great way to connect with others – oftentimes, others are learning new things right alongside you!

Take a Health Promotion Class

Meet new people while learning how you can better manage your health. Find classes at

Join a Fitness Facility

Build friendships with others while building strength and endurance!

Visit a Neighbor

Bring a plate of cookies, a homemade loaf of bread, or just stop by and say hi!


If you’ve lost touch with people you used to be close with, reach out!

Join a Club

A book club, knitting club, garden club, golf club, or other!


What better way to connect with others than by giving back to your community! Find opportunities

Visit a Park

A great place to meet someone new with similar hobbies is a local park. Find accessible recreation in Wisconsin.

Use Technology

Using technology to call, text, or video call with loved ones at a distance is a great way stay connected while not being able to see each other in person.

Learn Something New

See what opportunities might be available at local community colleges.

Care for Others

Whether it’s grandchildren, neighbors’ kids, or others – spend time with younger generations.

Get a Job

A job provides a great opportunity to connect with co-workers and clients.